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10 How To Wear Leopard Outfit For Summer

10+ How To Wear Leopard Outfit For Summer

The printed outfit is one of the trends nowadays. Many animal motifs are used in the fashion industry. One of them is the leopard motif. A leopard motif is an option because it gives a different impression in dressing. To balance leopard motifs, leopard motifs are usually combined with neutral and plain colored outfits. Like …

10 Ways To Wear Shorts In Summer

10+ Ways To Wear Shorts In Summer

Fashion is one of the important things for now. Women’s fashion styles often change over time and what is trending at the time. Entering the summer, shorts become a favorite fashion item among women. One fashion item that is still an option when summer is short. Speaking of shorts, the material is not always jeans. …

Stylish Mix And Match With Loafer

Stylish Mix and Match With Loafer

It’s time to leave your heels. One of the shoe trends for 2020 is loafers. Loafers are synonymous with men, but nowadays, loafers are also very popular with women because of their comfort and effortless impression when worn. It’s not easy to integrate loafers for women because sometimes loafers seem too masculine, but with the …

Street Style Fashion Trend In Summer 2020

Street Style Fashion Trend In Summer 2020

Some designers have released their fashion for the summer 2020 collection. And some of them are very interesting that you might wear as inspiration for your outfit of the day for this summer. Summer is not always synonymous with bright colors. But there is a slight difference in the motif this summer. If summer is …

How korean girl wear skirt for summer outfit

How Korean Girl Wear Skirt For Summer Outfit

Lately, the world community is being hit by Kpop fever. Even Korean dramas are often a favorite of people in the world. Especially since the members of K-pop and their Drakor players are often the centers of attention of k-pop lovers. Not only kpop drama and music are much in demand, but fashion trends are …

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Summer Outfit Inspiration For Women 40s

For women who are in their late 30s or early 40s, you still have plenty of natural clothing choices. You certainly can’t follow teen trends in clothes. You have to show your maturity more with clothes. During the summer like this is the time to rearrange your wardrobe for summer outfit. But you don’t need …

Broderie for summer outfit inspirations
Fashion Trends

Broderie For Summer Outfit Inspirations

Not feel we have entered the middle of 2020 where summer fashion trends deserve to be considered. Some designers have released their summer collections. Even though it’s still a pandemic, there’s no harm in finding out a summer outfit for vacation plans after Covid-19 is finished. Moreover, now it has entered a new normal phase, …

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Casual Plus Size Outfit For This Summer

Summer is here! It’s time to re-arrange the contents of the closet and look for inspiration outfit of the day. For those of you who have a curvy body, here are some ideas you can use for your summer outfit. Don’t be afraid to try different views, as long as you are comfortable with your …

Oversize t shirt, wide leg, pleated skirt

Casual Korean Outfit For Summer

The Korean wave is spreading widely starting with the flow of K-Pop music, K-Drama, and now Korean fashion is becoming something that is in demand in the world. The appearance of cute Korean women is one of the main attractions of Korean fashion. Korean-style fashion prefers neutral colors like white, brown, and black. Korean style …