Fashion is one of the important things for now. Women’s fashion styles often change over time and what is trending at the time. Entering the summer, shorts have become a favorite fashion item among women.

One fashion item that is still an option when summer is short. Speaking of shorts, the material is not always jeans. You can get jeans with a lighter and cooler material. Solid match jeans are not difficult either. You can choose a shirt for a chic look, or a plain T-shirt to accentuate a casual look.

Similarly, shoes or footwear. You can choose sandals to strap to hang out with friends or use ankle boots to make it look more stylish. Don’t be afraid to also combine shorts with other more formal items such as heels and blazers. Guaranteed you will look effortlessly stylish.

Shorts And T-shirts

One of the most classic appearances in mix and match shorts is shorts and t-shirts. You can wear jeans shorts and plain white shirts. Although classic, this choice never fails for the summer.

High Neck T-shirt And Short Jeans

If you want to upgrade your appearance with a plain white shirt and short jeans, you can wear a high neck t-shirt. This will make you more effortless in wearing short jeans and white shirts

Short Strips And T-shirts

Jeans shorts are too ordinary for you, you can try wearing a high waist short strip. Strip motif will give the impression of your feet more level, very suitable for those of you who are not too tall.

V Neck Wrap Blouse And Short Jeans

You can still wear your wrap blouse if you want it to be worn with short jeans. This will give a different impression than you wearing an ordinary shirt. Choose wrap blouse with puff accents on your arms. This will give more accent to your appearance.

V Neck Blouse Strips And Short Jeans

The illusion of your appearance can also be made to wear a striped blouse, you will look more tamping by using a stripe motif. You can wear your favorite sneakers to complete your appearance.

Shirt and shorts

You can still wear a shirt for your summer outfit. It depends on how you combine it as your summer outfit. One of the easiest is to wear shorts.

Printed Shirts And Short Jeans

One summer fashion item that is suitable for summer is a printed shirt. You can choose the pattern that suits summer. Like flowers and polka-dots that are the current trend.

Denim Shirt And Short

If printed shirts are not your style, you can wear denim shirts. Make sure you don’t wear denim shorts. Because it will make you look too monotonous.

White Shirt And Short High Waist

Want to look more casual, and you don’t want to wear short jeans. You can wear pants with lighter materials. This will give you the impression of being more feminine than sexy. Pair with a plain shirt to make it look more relaxed.

Blazers and short


You can wear shorts and a blazer. This will be perfect for your summer outfit if you want a smart casual look.

Blazers And Short Sets

If you are confused about combining short and blazer, you can use the short set with a blazer. Make sure you choose a lighter fabric material so it is suitable for summer. Pair with a lace-up heel to make you look more feminine.

Blazers And Short Jeans

You can still wear short jeans to be combined with a blazer. You can wear a plain pink blazer. You can also choose a flower blazer.

High Waist Short And Blazer

You can also wear high waist shorts with a blazer, mix with v neck blouse and hat. To further make stylish, you can use a sling bag and ankle wrap high heels.