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111 Inspired Polka Dot Dresses Make You Look Fashionable

Inspired polka dot dresses make you look fashionable

Polka dot designs have been part of the cloth business for over 200 years now. It is said that no apart from, Beau Brummell himself wore polka dots in his dress. Beau Brummell is considered to be the arbiter of men’s style in regency England. Many people even call him the inventor of the contemporary suit for males, and his early influence on men’s style continues to be evident today. Throughout the same time period that Polka Dots were launched in clothing, Polish Polka music became well known, and although there is no real link between polka dots and Polka music, the design got the name from there.


With a little creative thinking however a connected between the two may be seen: The Polka dancing got its name from the Polish word Pulka, significance half step, as with the dance. Maybe this pleasant dance, that requires one around in circles was the motivation for the polka dot design. In men’s style the Polka dot goes back to the eighteenth century in Great Britain. Particularly accessories like bow ties and ties were popular in polka dot designs. By the late nineteenth century the polka dot design was on the decrease and striping patterns in ties was the prevalent style in Great Britain.

Not till the 1960 the Polka dot pattern became once more popular. It is somewhat unsure what originated the re arrival of this exciting design. Some argue that Brian Hyland number one hit Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini from 1960 was the main influence of this come back and sees Walt Disney to be the one which brought this forgotten design back in style when he dressed Mickey Mouse in just a red dress with red polka dot design in 1961. Throughout the 1960 the polka dot pattern was once more popular a generally seen on women’s dresses as well as men’s neck ties and bow ties.

Today Polka dots continue to be present in men’s style. Especially smaller polka dot models on neckties and bow ties are very popular. The most typical colour combinations for men’s polka dot ties now are white and red, blue and white, blue and yellow, and silver and black. Combining various designs in dress shirt, necktie and suit is a lot easier than it initially seems. If you follow the fundamental principle to combined designs which are very different in size, then you’ll have no problem to fit your polka dot ties.