Casual Korean Outfit For Summer

Oversize t shirt, wide leg, pleated skirt

The Korean wave is spreading widely starting with the flow of K-Pop music, K-Drama, and now Korean fashion is becoming something that is in demand in the world. The appearance of cute Korean women is one of the main attractions of Korean fashion. Korean-style fashion prefers neutral colors like white, brown, and black. Korean style also displays clothes that tend to be more closed.
Here are some styles that you can use to inspire your summer outfit with Korean-style.


Brown Dress With Belt

Brown dress with belt source qoo10com
Brown dress with belt source:

Simple dress for summer outfits. A short dress with a belt accent on the waist gives the impression of being salty to your appearance. Choose a light brown color so that it sweetens your appearance. Mix with high heels will make a perfect outfit for your summer.

Green Overall And Oversize White T-shirt

Green overall and white t shirt source qoo10com
Green overall and oversize white t-shirt source:

One Korean style signature is oversized t-shirt. Korean young women really like using oversized t-shirts, of course this is very suitable to be used as a summer outfit. Mix with pastel green overalls with wrinkle accents on the waist.

Midi Pleated Skirt With Sleeveless Blouse

Midi pleated skirt with sleeveless blouse source blog dot triciagosingtiancom
Midi pleated skirt with sleeveless blouse source:

The pleated skirt is also very sweet combined with a sleeveless blouse. Choose a dark blue skirt and white blouse. Pair with a matching colored bag and wide hat. You are ready to go during the summer.

Mini Skirt With An Oversize Jacket

Mini skirt with oversize jacket source eslamodacom
Mini skirt with oversize jacket source:

If you like oversized jackets you can still wear them during the summer. Mix with a mini skirt so you don’t feel too hot. You can also wear a top so that your appearance looks more coll but still feminine by wearing a mini skirt.

Ruffle Polka Dot Skirt With Oversize White T-shirt

Ruffle polka dot skirt witn white tee source thefashioniquecom
Ruffle polka dot skirt witn white tee source:

Oversize T-shirts can also be mixed with ruffle skirts. Choose a skirt that has a pattern to give a little touch to your appearance. Your white t-shirt fits in a mix with a polka-dot ruffle skirt. Polkadot is a pattern that is trending this summer.

Square Pattern Skirt With Green Avocado T-shirt

Square pattern skirt with green avocado t shirt source modakawacom
Square pattern skirt with green avocado t-shirt source:

Oversize t-shirt can also be combined with a skirt with square pattern. In order not to be too monotonous, choose a t-shirt with a printed image like an avocado like in the picture above. Choose a skirt with an avocado color that is green. Oversize t-shirts can also be combined with high waist shorts. Don’t forget to put your shirt in your pants so that the high waist accent can be seen on your pants.

High Waist Short With Oversize T-shirt

High weist short with oversize t shirt source vfestival dot vn
High waist short with oversize t-shirt source:


Wide leg pant and stripe tank top source en dot chlodmanoncom
Wide leg pant and stripe tank top source:

Summer outfit with a horizontal tanktop and wearing glasses. Combined with long trousers along with a black leather bag that makes it look more casual.