Casual Plus Size Outfit For This Summer

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Summer is here! It’s time to re-arrange the contents of the closet and look for inspiration outfit of the day. For those of you who have a curvy body, here are some ideas you can use for your summer outfit. Don’t be afraid to try different views, as long as you are comfortable with your look. Just do it!


Miniskirt And Tank Top

Mini skirt and tank top source cuteoutfitst dot blogspot dot com
Miniskirt and tank top source:

Skirts, there are various shapes and sizes of skirts that you can wear during the summer. You can mix with a variety of appropriate bosses. Like a mini skirt with a strip mix motif with a pink tank top. Make your appearance look cute.

Off-shoulder Dress

Off shoulder dress source curvysitecom
Off-shoulder dress source:

If you want to accentuate the shape of your shoulders, you can wear an off-shoulder dress. You can choose off shoulder mini or maxi dress. Choose a dress with lightweight materials and bright colors like yellow which is very suitable to be used as a summer outfit.

Pleated Skirt With V Neck T-shirt

Pleated skirt with v neck t shirt source liveaboutcom
Pleated skirt with v neck t-shirt source:

Wearing a pleated maxi skirt will create a level impression on your appearance. Mix with a white v neck shirt so that your appearance does not look excessive. V neck shirts will display the illusion that you have a longer neck.

Strip Dress

Strip dress source musingsofacurvyladycom
Strip dress source:

Dresses, you can choose several dresses for your summer outfit. Like a mini dress with a vertical stripe motif, because summer is not always with a floral motif. If you want to accentuate your feet, you can choose wrap dress with lightweight materials.

Wrap Dress

Wrap dress source fashioon inspo summer.heaseccom
Wrap dress source:

High Waist Jeans And Tank Top

High waist jeans and tanktop source juliamariebcom
High waist jeans and tanktop source:

High waist pants can also be an outfit choice during the summer. You can mix long high waist jeans with a white tank top. Mix with bags and sandals to suit your appearance.
You can also choose short high waist pants. Mix with an off-shoulder top, will make your appearance look sexy.

High Waist Short And Off-shoulder

High waist short and off shoulder top source outfittrendscom
High waist short and off-shoulder top source:

Short And White Crop Top

Short and white crop top source wheretogetdot it
Short and white crop top source:

For convenience, of course, short and crop top becomes the main choice during the summer. To add an impression to your appearance, you can wear sneakers and glasses.