Fall and winter are suitable seasons to bring out your collection of boots. The colder weather makes the feet feel cold quickly. Boots are perfect for keeping your feet warm in this cold season.

Boots are famous for their masculine silhouette, making the overall look even more edgy. Besides being comfortable to wear, boots are also synonymous with winter clothes. Versatile enough to match any outfit, there are several types of boots that can be adjusted to taste. The types of boots are also categorized by design and length. Here are some of them.

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are easy to find everywhere and are often favored. With an ankle-length collar, these boots can be worn in both winter and summer because they do not cover the entire foot.

Thigh-High Boots

Thigh-high boots or over-the-knee boots are boots that are above the knee or reach the thigh. Thigh-high boots have a more flexible area on the knees for freedom to walk while protecting them from the cold. Therefore, these shoes are often worn in autumn and winter.

Combat Boots

Maybe you often see boots with laces in the front, thick bases, and high enough collars. Boots of this type are known as combat boots. These shoes were originally intended for soldiers to fight. Even though they are still worn like their original function, currently combat boots are also used as a stylish fashion item.

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots have a classic and dynamic design. The characteristics that most characterize this type of boots are the elastic fabric on the sides of the shoe, a small box on the back of the shoe that can be pulled out for ease of use. Regular Chelsea boots are equipped with a low heel that provides added height.

Calf-Length Boots & Knee-Length Boots

Boot options with other lengths are calf-length and knee-length boots. Calf-length boots have a collar that falls on the calf, between the ankle and knee, while knee-length boots are slightly longer than calf-length boots. The length of the knee-length boots falls right in the knee area.