Now it’s time for you to save your short. The summer fall transition, of course, you have to change your outfit. The simplest thing is to replace your shorts with trousers. One of the pants that are suitable for the summer fall transition is jeans.

Maybe when the summer you wear trousers, you can still wear your jeans in this transitional season. Ripped jeans are one of the casual items that are very suitable for today.

Jeans can be combined with various tops. You can still wear a crop top if the weather is not too cold. Of course we recommend that you wear a crop top with thick material and have long sleeves, in contrast to summer, which wears a more prominent crop top. You can also wear a blazer for semi-formal events.

Jeans And Blazers

If you have a semi-formal event, you can wear a blazer and jeans. Blazer will warm you, but if you feel too hot you can wear a tank top.

Jeans And Outer

The air that starts to cool is very suitable for the outer. Outer has many types. If you have an oversized shirt, you can make it an outer. Especially shirts with flannel which will give a warm feeling. You can also wear a jacket. From leather jackets or jackets with lightweight materials.

Jeans and Crop Top

You can still wear ripped jeans and crop tops this summer fall transition season. However, we recommend choosing a crop top with thick material and long sleeves.

Jeans And Knit

Of course the knit is the best choice during this transitional season. You can choose a slightly open knit. The point is not a turtle knit that will make you hot because the weather is not too cold.

Jeans And Shirts

Shirts, jeans and sneakers can never go wrong. You can wear a casual shirt with a v neck or open a few buttons on your shirt. Choose a long-sleeved shirt so it’s not too cold.