Mini skirts are trending this summer. Some designers issued a collection of these skirts even micro. It may be difficult to wear a super mini skirt for everyday activities. It will be uncomfortable to carry out activities. Unlike the mini skirt, you can still use it for this summer.

Mini skirts can be combined and matched with various tops. For a formal look you can wear a blazer and heels, but if you choose a semi-formal look you can replace heels with sneakers and replace the inner blazer with a plain t-shirt.
The same mini skirt can give a different look by replacing the top of the shirt with a blouse. Mini skirts with blouses and handbags will give a semi-formal look. Replace the blouse with a t-shirt, shoulder bag and sunglasses, then you are ready for a casual look.

Here are some looks for mini skirts that you might be able to try.

Mini Skirt With T Shirt

Mini Skirt With Blouse

Mini Skirt And Blazer

You can wear a mini skirt with jeans and a plain t-shirt. Complete with sneakers and a shoulder bag. You can also replace sneakers with heels for work outfits.

Mini Skirt With Blazer And Sneakers

Mini Skirt With Blazer And Sneakers

Mini Skirt And Shirt

You curse the v neck shirt and heels will give a formal look. A crop top shirt in a matching color with a mini skirt gives a look that’s perfect for summer.

Mini Skirt With Shirt

Mini Skirt With Crop Top Shirt

Mini Skirt with T-shirt

A mix that never fails, miniskirt with t-shirt. You can choose a plain shirt with a pattern skirt. Make sure not to use motifs that are too ‘crowded’ in your appearance.

Mini Skirt With T Shirt

Mini Skirt With T Shirt

Mini Skirt And Crop Top

Crop top is of course the right choice for a summer look. You can wear a tank top with a crop top or a t-shirt that is added to the outer with a square pattern.

Mini Skirt With Crop Top And Outer

Mini Skirt With Crop Tank Top