How To Wear ’90s Vintage Streetwear For This Summer

Women's 90s vintage streetwear for this summer cover

The trends of the ’90s were way different from the trends of the 2000s and above. Whereas we focus on minimalism, and beauty in fit and fabric, the ’90s valued colors and aesthetics in design and color. For anyone who is old enough in this era, just hearing the words of hip-hop fashion in the 90s might trigger a laundry list of reference points and important parts, but even so, it’s hard to describe it in words.


With your newfound knowledge of where to get cool vintage pieces, brands that were big in the ’90s, and the trends that defined the ’90s, you can make your own outfits! Of course, a final tip is to look at the icons of the era. Micheal Jackson, Kurt Cobain, East and West Coast rappers alike, and subcultures such as B-Boys, Grunge, and Hip-Hop Heads will help you develop your ’90s style even further.

Women's 90s vintage streetwear for this summer
So, here are some ideas from 90s street clothing, and how each piece embodies the age of style in their own little way.