Inspiration for Casual Office Outfit For The Summer

Inspiration for casual office outfit for the summer

It’s time to go back to the office, it’s very reasonable to choose an outfit for the office. Coming to the Office 5 days a week is very common if you run out of style or the right solid match. Even though as a career woman, you are required to look neat and professional.


Need to disassemble the contents of the closet to choose office outfit. For this summer the right office outfit is comfortable to wear and stays stylish. If your office allows you to wear a casual outfit, here are a few solid outfits for casual office outfit for this summer.

Blue Shirt And White Jeans

Blue shirt and white jeans source flickrcom
Blue shirt and white jeans source:

Shirts and pants are still the right choices for an office outfit during the summer. Choose shirts made from lightweight materials such as chiffon to minimize your feeling hot when working. You can mix denim or blue shirts with white pants.

Sleeveless Blouse With Pants

Sleveeless blouse with pants source work25 dot sotyi dot com
Sleeveless blouse with pants source:

You can still use your reliable work pants. Mix with a bright colored sleeveless blouse like red. Will give a cheerful and uplifting impression to your summer.

White blouse and brown pant source bmodish com
White blouse and brown pant source:

For those of you who prefer neutral colors, you can combine your brown pants with a white blouse. A very appropriate combination to be an office outfit. You can also add outer to support your appearance. Choose the outer material made from light so it is not too hot.

Pencil Skirt With Pink Shirt

Pencil skirt with pink shirt source lilly strip style com
Pencil skirt with pink shirt source:

You can wear a long sleeve shirt with a pencil skirt. As in the picture above, mix a long-sleeved shirt with a pencil skirt with a stripe pattern. choose a shirt with a lightweight material. Don’t forget to roll up your sleeves to look more stylish and stay professional.

Geometric Skirt And Navy Top

Geometric skirt and navy top source visionsofvoguecom
Geometric skirt and navy top source:

A sleeveless shirt can also be combined with a skirt. Choose a skirt with a geometry motif so that your appearance doesn’t look too monotonous. Choose a shirt with a matching color with the skirt you wear.

Ruffle Skirt With Strip Shirt

Rimple skirt with strip shirt source womenworkoutfitcom
Ruffle skirt with strip shirt source:

You can also use a ruffle skirt to make an office outfit. Choose a skirt with a little ruffle, so it does not give an excessive impression on your look. Pair it with a blouse strip to make you look slimmer.


Black dress source showpocom
Black dress source:

You still use the dress as an office outfit. Choose a dress made from light for the summer. You can also choose a dress with a polka-dot pattern to give it a more casual look. If you use a dark-colored gau like black. Choose bright and matching colored bags and shoes. Like picture below.

Polcadot dress source memorandumcom
Polcadot dress source: