You may want the latest look for a summer outfit. Korean summer outfit might be an option for you. Actually not too much difference for summer outfits. Maybe Korean summer outfits are usually more feminine. In addition, Korean outfits usually have calming colors or pastel colors.

Summer outfits, you can wear shorts that are combined with various tops. Usually Korean outfits don’t combine short with oversized t shirts. Usually short is combined with a feminine blouse or shirt that is used as an outer. As for the oversized t-shirt, it is usually combined with a skirt to keep the look feminine.

For accessories, you can wear a baseball cap or a beach hat. You can also wear sunglasses for this summer. Here are some Korean outfits that might be an inspiration for you.


Short for Korean outfits are usually combined with feminine blouses such as v neck blouses or off shoulder blouses. You can also combine it with a feminine shirt to be combined with a short. Some Korean outfits make shirts as outer for summer.

Short With Shirt

Short With Crop Tank Top

Short Jeans With V Neck Blouse

Short Jeans With Tank Top And Outer

Short Jeans And T Shirt

Short Jeans And Off Shoulder Top

Short And Short Sleeve Shirt

Short And Puff Sleeve Crop Top

One Set Short And Shirt


For a midi skirt, it is usually combined with an oversized t shirt, you can get a feminine look for this. Choose a skirt with a light material such as linen or cotton. You can wear a skirt with a pattern or a plain skirt. For the mini skirt, you can combine it with the outer earth tone color.

Sleeveless Midi Dress With Hat

Mini Skirt And Jacket Outer

Midi Skirt With Oversized T Shirt

Midi Skirt And Lace Top

Midi Pattern Skirt With Oversized T Shirt

Casual Mini Skirt And Striped T Shirt

Long Pants

You can still wear long pants for this summer. Pair it with a crop top t shirt or tank top. Add hat accessories to support your appearance.

Jeans With Off Shoulder Blouse

White Pants And Crop Top T Shirt

White Pants And Tank Top