Mix And Match Platform Sandals For Your Summer Outfit.

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The new season has arrived, it’s time for you to change your sandals collection. For this year several well-known designers issued various sandals models. Some of the ones that steal the spotlight and work well with your summer outfit are sandal platforms. Platform sandals are very comfortable to wear compared to heels and wedge sandals. The base of the ‘even ’flip platform makes you comfortable to move. Besides that, the flip platform can also add to your illusion of looking taller because it has high soles.
You can wear platform sandals when you have casual clothes, such as mini skirts and t-shirts. If you want to look a little formal you can combine your blouse with midi skirt and platform sandals. Here are some inspirational sandals platforms that you can aspire to outfit this summer.


Lace-up Black Platform Sandals

Lace up black platform sandalsource nastygalcom
Lace-up black platform sandal source:

Lace-up is one of the trend sandals for 2020, although it looks a bit ‘complicated’, but using lace-up will give more accent to your feet. If you just wear a mini skirt and shirt, this lace-up platform sandals will be very suitable to complete your look.

Brown Velvet Leather Platform Sandals

Brown velvet leather platform sandal source roolee com
Brown velvet leather platform sandal source:

Brown is a neutral color so you can mix it with whatever clothes you want. Velvet on this sandals platform also makes it seem not too formal, but you can also use it for formal events with the right outfit.

Leopard Pattern Sandal Platform

Leopart pattern platform sandal source shopyada com
Leopard pattern platform sandal source:

If you are looking for a platform sandals with a pattern, maybe a leopard pattern platform will suit you. The leopard motif makes this sandal platform seem casual. It is suitable for your summer outfit. If you feel that the leopard motif is too much for you, you can choose a sandals platform with strips pattern like in the picture below. Will still look sweet on your feet.

Strip Pattern Platform Sandals

Strip pattern platform sandal source thefashionspot com
Strip pattern platform sandal source

Black Leather Platform Sandals

Black leather platform sandal source us.boohoo com
Black leather platform sandal source:

For those of you who are looking for platform sandals for semi-formal events, we think a sandal platform with black leather will be very suitable for you. Pair it with a blouse and midi skirt. Try not to use maxi skirts or long pants, because they will cover the strap details on your ankle. Of course, this will make your appearance a little bad.