Mix And Match Short For Summer Outfit

Mix and match short for summer outfit

It’s summertime! Summer frees us to experiment with the solid match outfit. To add to the summer vibe in our daily lives. Summer vibes are a summer atmosphere, where during summer people will wear clothes such as Hawaiian short-sleeved shirts, sunglasses, and do summer activities too, such as: sunbathing on the beach, playing volleyball, swimming, etc.


Short is still one of the outfit choices during the summer. Here are some ideas for wearing shorts in the summer. Are you ready to enjoy summer with cute outfits and summer appropriate?

Denim Short With A White Blouse And Beach Hat

Denim short with white blouse and head source wonderlandloft dot tumblrcom
Denim short with a white blouse and beach hat source

Short berwarna denin dipadukan dengan blus berwarna putih sangat vovok dijadikan outfit untuk usim panas. Jika anda berniat pergi ke pantai, pakailah topi dan tas pantai kesayangan anda.

Geometric Short With A White Tanktop

Geomatric short with white tanktop source vicicollectioncom
Geometric short with white tanktop source:

The tanktop is very comfortable to use in summer. Because of a simple tanktop, you can add a little accent to your look by using short geometrics. If you are still in the transition period between spring and summer, you can use a short mix with a long-sleeved top. Choose tops with loose cuts so that you still feel comfortable in the summer.

Short Jeans With Long Sleeve Top

Short jeans with long sleeve top
Short jeans with long sleeve top source:

Short Jeans With T-shirt

Short jeans with t shirt source harpersbazaarcom
Short jeans with t-shirt source:

T-shirts are still the main choice after tanktop for summer outfits. T-shirt material that absorbs sweat makes it very comfortable to use in summer. Even though it looks simple, mix your appearance with glasses and sneakers, it will make your appearance simple but still chic.

Short With Black Shirt

Short with black shirt source mychicobsessioncom
Short with black shirt source:

Although the shirt looks formal, if you mix it with short jeans and sandals make your appearance casual. Choose shirts with lightweight materials to keep them comfortable. Also carry a beach bag to further support your summer look.

Short With Off-shoulder T-shirt

Short with off shoulder tshirt
Short with off-shoulder T-shirt source:

Off-shoulder will give a beautiful look to your shoulder, mix it with your favorite shorts and sneakers.

Short With Outer

Short with denim jacket source exploredreamdiscoverblogcom
Short with denim jacket source:

If you like layering in a dress, you can try to layer your shirt with outer jeans or outer kimono. Of course, it will give a different impression than you just wearing shorts and only shirts. If you want a slightly formal appearance, you can choose a blazer to be made outer. Choose a blazer with not too thick material and a comfortable shirt to absorb sweat.

Short With Kimono Outer

Short with kinomo outer source eahbehrcom
Short with kinome outer source:

Short With Pink Blazer

Short with pink blazer source stealthelookcomdot br
Short with pink blazer source: