Polka Dot Summer Dress Inspirations

Polka dot summer dress inspirations

Some people like summer because the weather allows them to be more expressive with their choice of outfit, without worrying about rain or cold air. Summer is also synonymous with bright colors and cheerful ambiance. Summer is not always about flowering dresses. For this summer, polka-dot motifs are a trend for summer dresses. The round shape with various sizes makes the dress look cute to wear during summer. Here are some summer dresses with polka-dot motifs that you can inspire.


Wrap Dress

V neck beach polka dot wrap dresses source miaventuraconlamodacom
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Wrap dress with polka-dot motif is very suitable to be used as a season dress. A lightweight dress material that will make it easily exposed to the wind. Wrap maxi dress with a high cleavage will make your legs look more level. For those of you who like mini dresses, wrap dresses can also be an option. Make your appearance look more cute and sexy. You can mix with wedges or sneakers.

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Puff Sleeve And Spaghetti Strap Midi Dress

Polcadot midi dress source lovepeacebohocom
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For those of you who don’t really like maxi and mini dresses, you can use a midi dress. Choose the form of dress that suits your body shape. Some dresses that are suitable for midi dresses are dresses with puff sleeve and spaghetti strap. If you choose a polka-dot dress with a puff sleeve, choose a dress with a sweetheart shape to avoid a full impression of the top of your dress.

Spaghetti straps midi dress source voguetidecom
Spaghetti straps midi dress source:

Spaghetti Strap Maxi Dress

Polka dot spaghetti straps mixi dress source zafulcom
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Maxi dresses can still be used for summer dresses. Choose a dress with lightweight material so that you minimize the heating feeling. Maxi dress with spaghetti strap will make your shoulders more exposed. You can also wear maxi dress with short sleeves. Choose the sleeve with a bell shape to balance out the shape of the dress.

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Mini Dress


Off shoulder polcadot mini dress
Off-shoulder polka dot mini dress source:

Many forms of mini dresses with polka-dot motifs that you can wear. Starting from off-shoulder, spaghetti strap to dress with v neck. Choose a dress that suits your body shape. If you want to accentuate the shape of your shoulders, you can wear off-shoulder. But if you want to show your neck more, you can choose a v-neck dress. Choose bright colors that suit summer.

Polcadot v neck mini dress source centeroftreasurescom
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Spaghetti straps polka dotmini dress source voguetidecom
Spaghetti straps polka dot mini dress source: