Street Style Fashion Trend In Summer 2020

Street Style Fashion Trend In Summer 2020

Some designers have released their fashion for the summer 2020 collection. And some of them are very interesting that you might wear as inspiration for your outfit of the day for this summer. Summer is not always synonymous with bright colors. But there is a slight difference in the motif this summer. If summer is usually synonymous with floral motifs, for this summer many designers use leopard, polka dot, and square motifs as their collections. Here is some street style inspiration for Trend 2020 fashion.


Leopard Pattern

Leopard pattern
Leopard pattern source:

As explained above, the leopard motif becomes one of the fashion trends for this summer. You can wear a leopard midi dress and pair it with a green blazer. For those of you who want to look more casual, you can wear a ruffle skirt with a leopard motif and mix with outer denim jeans.

Long Pants And White Tanktop

Long pants and white tanktop
Long pants and white tanktop source:

Even though summer you can still wear long pants because summer isn’t always about short. Pair a long pant strip with a white tank top and your favorite sneakers. You can also wear green wide-leg pants and a tank top crop top. To give a more casual impression you can wear sandals.

Slouchy Pant And Croptop

Slouchy pant and croptop
Slouchy pant and crop-top source:

Slouchy pant is indeed very suitable for use during summer. Pieces of pants are loose but still stylized makes you easy to move. The key to wearing a slouchy pant is to integrate the texture. If you wear a slouchy pant with jeans you can wear a crop-top with a lighter t-shirt. If you wear a slouchy pant with a lighter material you can use crop top asymmetry that seems heavier.

Square Pattern

Square pattern
Square pattern source:

Summer is not always about flowers. The square pattern can be an option for you. Especially you who want to appear semi-formal. You can wear a midi dress with a square pattern and wear sneakers to give it a casual impression. If you want to look more formal you can wear lace-up sandals.

Bright Color Women Suit

Bright color women suit
Bright color women suit source:

Do you want to look smart casual this summer? You can wear a suit. To add a casual impression you can wear sandals and crop tops. Because this is summer you can wear suits in bright colors like orange and pink.

Midi Poplin Dress

Midi poplin dress
Midi poplin dress source:

Poplin dress is also very suitable for summer. You will not feel hot if you wear this poplin dress. If you want to look cool you can mix poplin dress with sneakers, but if you want to look more feminine, you can mix poplin dress with handbag and heels.