Summer nail art is certainly filled with all sorts of cheerful ones. Such as blue, pink, orange and red berry. Of course, the pink color in question is a hot pink color, not pastel pink like last year.
For those of you who like softer colors, you can choose matcha, nude or glass nails. Glass nails color is one of the favorite colors this season. This color can be used as a base and you can add other colors. If you like nude colors, you can also use nude as a base coat and add various other colors to your nails.
For the motif that is currently trending is swerly, this shape combines several colors into your nails by forming a stream or loop. It’s beautiful when you make this motif in blue. Gives a summer feel to your nails. Besides that, floral motifs will become a trend, what’s the meaning of summer without flowers.

Here are some nail art you can try for this summer.

Blue Nails Art

Wave Blue Summer Nails Color

Blue Nails Color With Happy Emoji

Nude Nails Art

Sheer Pink Summer Nails 2022 With Flower

Natural Sheer Pink Summer Nails 2022 With Yellow Dot

Hot Pink Nails Art

Swirl Pink Summer Nails Trend

Hot Pink Color For Summer Nails

Red Berry Nails Art

Swirl Red Summer Nails Color

Strawberry Summer Nails Color

Soft Green (Matcha) Nails Art

Sage Green Summer Nails Trend Color

Matcha Nails Trend Color For Summer Nails

Clear/Glass Nails Art

Glass Nails With Flower For Summer Nails Ideas

Glass Nails With Gold For Summer Nails Ideas

Orange Nails Art

Fresh Orange Summer Nails

Orange And Pink Summer Nails