Summer Outfit Inspiration For Women 40s

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For women who are in their late 30s or early 40s, you still have plenty of natural clothing choices. You certainly can’t follow teen trends in clothes. You have to show your maturity more with clothes.
During the summer like this is the time to rearrange your wardrobe for summer outfit. But you don’t need to worry, you can still wear shorts, tank tops or whatever you think is comfortable to wear.


Broderie Blouse and Jeans

Jeans and blouse source styleefr
Jeans and blouse source:

For those of you who like jeans, you can wear them, pair them with broderie blouses. Broderie is one of the fashion trends this summer.

White Shirt And Pants

Long pant and shirt source instagramcom
Long pant and shirt source:

Want to continue to appear semi-formal during the summer, you can wear a white shirt and nude long pants. Neutral colors are always reliable. Mix with flat shoes and beach hats, so you don’t look too formal.

Long Cardigan

Long striped cardigan source pinterestingplanscom
Long striped cardigan source:

You can still layer your appearance this summer. Wear a long cardigan with a stripe motif, this motif is also a trend for this year’s summer. You can wear shorts and t-shirts in the same color as your cardigan.

Short Jeans And Tank Top

Short and tank top source mrssimplylovelycom
Short and tank top source:

If you want to wear a tank top, it’s totally okay for this summer. You can wear it with short jeans, wear cowboy hats and sandals so that it adds to the feel of your summer.
You can also wear a tank top with long jeans, pair it with slip-on shoes, and wear glasses to make you more stylized this summer.

Skinny jeans and tang top source pinmagzcom
Skinny jeans and tang top source

T-shirt and Long Pant

Skinny pant and t shirt source rover dot ebaycom
Skinny pant and t-shirt source:

If you are not too confident with shorts, you can wear long pants with a t-shirt. Mix with nude heels.

Spaghetti Strap Dress

Spagheti strap midi dress source hellomollycom
Spaghetti strap midi dress source:

The right choice for this summer is of course a dress with a spaghetti strap. Select a dress with button accents in front so that your appearance is not too monotone.

Strip Dress With Outer

Strip dress and denim outer source mdicasdemulher com dot br
Strip dress and denim outer source mdicasdemulher com dot br

You can wear a midi dress strip, tie the outer around your waist and wear sneakers. It will definitely make you look younger for this summer’s outfit.