When you already have a reliable hairstyle, sometimes you already feel comfortable so you don’t want to make changes. In fact, to look different, you don’t have to change your hairstyle, you know. By adding color to your signature hairstyle, you can make your look bold and bolder. Hair coloring can also describe your personality.

Hair dying has become a growing trend lately. Not only deep black or thick brown but hairstyles also have special coloring techniques that make your hair look even more charming.

Today there are the latest styles in dyeing hair. You can try this peek-a-boo under the light model! Relax, the name is also peek-a-boo, so your hair still looks normal from the outside. But when half lifted .. wow!
This peek-a-boo hair is the right choice for those of you who are still hesitant to paint one hair but are already really hot about dyeing their hair. Hey, who is the one who’s upset about dyeing hair or not? Want to see peek-a-boo’s hair inspiration? You can imitate these colors!

For those of you who have light-colored hair, you can give it a little rainbow color in it

Rainbow peek-a-boo is cool too for you who have ash brown hair

The peek-a-boo with the unicorn color theme is cute too!

Orange and purple are a good combination

Who likes galaxy hair? So it can be imitated!

Blue, green, and pink can be another option when you look beautiful looking hair

One-color peek a boo hair color can be an option. Like orange colors and purple

The gradation color is also very beautiful when applied to the hair

The bright shade of ash brown will match the soft hues of the rainbow