Lilac Hair Color Inspiration

Lilac hair color inspiration

Lilac hair color is one of the trend colors for this summer season. Lilac can be said to be light purple. You can mix it with pink, ash, and can even be applied to your brunette hair. You also use this lilac color. Here are some lilac colors for your summer hair color.


Ash Lilac Hair Color

Ash lilac hair color source cosmopolitancom
Ash lilac hair color source:

Lilac color can be combined with ash color, it might be too bright for those of you who have cold tone skin, but for those of you who have warm tone skin. Lilac color with ash brown will be very good for you.

Lilac In The Front Hair

Lilac hair color in the front source hair.blogotvnet
Lilac hair color in the front source

This color hairstyle is the current trend after being used by Jennie Blackpink in the came back of the Korean group’s grirl. Although in the video Jennie uses pink you can replace it with lilac.

Lilac Hair Color On Bob Hair Cut

Lilac hair color on bob haircut source behindthechaircom
Lilac hair color on bob haircut source:

For those of you who have bob haircuts, lilac color can also be applied as usual to your hair. If you have rather short hair you can apply lilac color. In the image below, the color tends to be old lilac so it approaches the color of lavender.

Lilac hair color source stylecrazecom
Lilac hair color source:

Lilac Ombre Hair Color

Lilac ombre hair color saurce glowslycom
Lilac ombre hair color source:

You can of course ombre lilac color. Ombre with bright pink color and mix with ash. It will be very beautiful in your long hair.

Lilac Pink Hair Color

Lilac pink hair color source glowslycom
Lilac pink hair color source:

Instead of ombre you also apply lilac to pink evenly. It will be very beautiful for your summer.