Medium Hair! Hair is an important element in appearance. Differences in hair length and shape greatly affect your appearance. Long hair often has many special treatments to treat it, while short hair does not allow to be formed in several styles.

Medium hair is the right choice for those of you who don’t want treatments that are too complicated but still want to be able to style your hair. The current trend is medium hair with bangs. Bangs also have various styles, such as side bangs, curtain and wispy bang. Of course, the Korean wispy bang trend has become a lot of choices. This type of bangs allows you to still show the forehead because the bangs are thin. This type of bangs gives a sweet and fresh impression.

The medium hair style is still the same every year, you can make it bob, shaggy, straight or wavy. Adjust to your face shape and personality. If you are confident in the appearance of your hair, of course, it will emit more of your beauty aura.

Here are some medium hair that might be suitable for you.