Nail art designs are always changing. However, some designs remain an option to be used as inspiration. Like french nail art, it’s a trend back in recent times. And of course designs with all colors covering the nails are still an option. The only difference is the picture or the accompanying decoration. While the swirl design is the newest one this season.

Do you like purple? Purple color itself has many choices such as purple pastel, lavender and lilac. Purple can be combined with several shades of purple. The easiest you can combine with clear, white and nude colors. of course neutral colors. For those of you who like purple, here are some purple nail art designs that you can try.


This design usually covers the entire nail with the main base color. The purple color covered the entire nail and then added some pictures and designs as desired such as flowers, animals and symbols of love. Of course you can make the image as you wish.

Classic Purple Nail Art With Cat Decorations

Classic Pastel Purple Nail Art With Love Decorations

Classic Pastel Purple Nail Art With Flower Design

Pastel Purple Nail Art

Pastel Purple And White Nail Art

Purple And Clear Nail Art


For those of you who have nails that are not too long or short, you can choose this design. This design is suitable for long nails or coffin nail designs.

Lavender French Nail Art

Purple French Nail Art Ideas

Purple And White French Nail Art

Pastel Purple French Nail Art

Pastel Purple French Nail Art

Nude And Purple French Nail Art


Many designs are the choice this season. You can mix several purples with different gradations to create a swirl design

Purple Swirl Nail Art Design

Swirl Purple Nail Art

Swirl Purple Nail Art

Swirl Purple and Green Nail Art


The combination of purple and white to form a marble makes this design still beautiful to wear for your nails.

Purple Marble Nail Art

Marble Purple Nail Art