You can change your nail art at any time. The problem is what design will be used. Before deciding on a nail design, you should know in advance the shape of the nail that fits your hand. A well-groomed nail shape will make your overall appearance steal the show.

Some of the nail shapes you can see below:

Round Shape Nails

Round shape nails are the most popular because of their classic silhouette. With this shape, nails are less likely to tear or break, thus making them healthier.

Square Shape Nails

Square nails are also no less popular. These nails have a natural shape without needing much effort to maintain their shape. This nail shape has an even tip and looks great on even short nails. However, if you’re worried about looking ugly on short or fat fingers, you can grow them a little longer so they can make your hands look slimmer.

Oval Nail

Oval nail shape is perfect for those of you who have fairly long nails. Because this shape can make the appearance of the nails look more feminine. In addition, this oval shape can also make the illusion of hands look longer.

Squoval Nail

Squoval is a nail shape that combines a square or square silhouette with an oval. In more detail, this style combines the contours of a square nail corner with an oval nail length. In other words, these nails are great if you have long nails and like larger dimensions than square or oval nails.

Coffin or Ballerina Nails

If you have naturally long, sturdy nails and have an urge to try something out of the ordinary, then coffin or ballerina nails might be pretty on your fingers. It is an elongated, tapered shape with a flat, square tip.

Almond Nail

Almond nails are a little like ovals, but have a more pointed and longer tip. This shape has a narrower and more ’rounded’ tip, which will make the finger look longer and slender. But before making almond nail shapes, make sure your nails grow long and strong.

Stiletto Nail

As the name suggests, stiletto nails have a super pointed shape like stiletto heels. Or in other words, this nail shape is like an almond but with a more extreme tip. Stiletto nails are suitable for those of you who want to steal the show, but unfortunately this form is not practical.

Once you’ve decided on a nail shape that suits you, here are some nail art designs for your summer.