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3 Program Workouts That Can Make You Back To Shape

3 program workouts that can make you back to shape

The Marshall Fitness

This one channel is a bit different from the previous channel. Because The Fitness Marshall will invite you to dance while burning calories! How come?


Most of the videos uploaded by this channel are types of dance cardio sports, where you do dance moves that are also useful to help eliminate bad fats in the body. The movement created by Marshall, the manager of this channel, will make your heart rate increase and your whole body sweating.

Uniquely, Marshall uses hits to dance, so sports become more fun and not boring. It seems cool to try, huh?

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The marshall fitness source youtubecom
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Body Project

Body Project! What distinguishes this channel from the previous 4 channels is the type of workout content that is widely categorized between beginners, intermediates, and advance.

The duration of time needed for each type of workout is different. The types of beginners range from 25-30 minutes, intermediate 30-35 minutes, and advance or HIIT cardio reaches 55 minutes.

This grouping makes it easy for you to choose the type of sport that is suitable for you to try. For example, you are a person who was previously passive in sports, then wants to try to start moving the body. So, it would be nice if you try workout type beginners so that your body muscles are not shocked and injured. So, have you decided which workout is right for you?

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Body project source youtube

Chloe Ting

During the quarantine period of independence, you may have seen friends on social media several times sharing their sports footage at home. Well, one of the YouTube channels that share the most popular sports videos is Chloe Ting.

Chloe Ting does simple workouts that you can do at home. Besides that, Chloe Ting also shared the workout program for free on her website, In the program, Chloe provides a workout schedule for you. Chloe Ting also specifically provides workouts according to your needs, such as abs work out, arm, and others.

Chloe Ting has a 2-week program with real muscle results if followed in a disciplined manner. Not a few other YouTubers who also shared the real transformation of their bodies after following the Chloe sports video.

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