It’s time for you to change your nail art theme from summer to fall. In summer, nail art tends to have bright summer colors. As for fall, the colors used are mostly earth tone colors or warm colors like brown and orange.

In addition to the earth tone color, you can also choose a milky white color for fall nail art. several shades of brown or gradation in one hand are also quite a lot to choose from. Besides that, a lot of deep purple colors are also wearing it for this year’s fall.

For the design, of course you can choose the nail shape you want. But simple french nail art is still a good choice today. Here are some fall nail art that you can use.


The brown color is perfect for fall. You can choose various shades of brown to use. You can make marble in brown and white or add some glitter on your finger.


Besides brown, the color that is identical to fall is orange. You can add a brown color between the orange color on your finger. If you want simple nail art you can shape your nails into short rounds and use orange all over your nails. Simple but still stunning for fall nail art.


Another simple color that can never go wrong is white, this color will give a clean impression on your nails.


A slightly darker color that you can use is deep purple, for some reason this color is very good this fall.