Yes you can! Short nails do not prevent you from doing nail art. Choose a nail design and model that suits your nail shape. This time, French nail art is trending again. This style is perfect for those of you who have short nails. The color difference at the tips of your nails gives the impression of being longer on your nails.

Blush Pastel And Ivory Short Nail Art

Brown or nude color base is still the recommended choice for French nail art. Neutral colors can be combined with various colors. If you want a swirl design of course you can still do it. Choose a color or two as a swirl so your nails don’t look full. Nude or neutral colors are still recommended for this design.
If you like classic nail art. You can still do it on your short nails. Choose a neutral color or the color you like. Combine with clear or nude colors so that your hands don’t seem full.

Here are some nail art that you can try.

Classic French Short Nail Art

Sage Green Short Nail Art

Natural Short Nail Art

French Short Nail Art

Peach And Yellow French Short Nail Art

Pastel Color French Short Nail Art

Nude French Short Nail Art

French Blue Short Nail Art

Swirl French Short Nail Art

Swirl Green Short Nail Art

Short Nail Art With Swirl White And Light Blue

Short Nail Art With Swirl White And Brown

Marble French Short Nail Art

Nude Marble Short Nail Art

Light Blue And Pink Marble Short Nail Art