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Summer Makeup Trend For This Season

Summer makeup trend for this season

Hello Summer, it’s time to change your makeup look. For this summer, there are several makeup looks that are becoming a trend. Like neon colors for your eye makeup, until the glossy lips are back to be a trend for this summer.


Over The Top Blush

Pink blush over the top source faveablecom
Pink blush over the top source:

Pink is one of the color trends in the summer of this year. The use of “excessive” blush is one of the trends make look at this time. Use pink blouse not only on your cheekbones, use blush until your temples. You can also use blush as an eyeshadow.

Floating eyeliner

Floating eyeliner source eslamodacom
Floating eyeliner source:

It might look strange when you use floating eyeliner for daily activities. Try floating eyeliner on certain occasions. For your daily life, you can use eyeshadow, brush the lines on your lid, make sure to use intense colors to make the lines on your lid appear, but not too sharp.

Over The Top Lashes

Over lashes source instagramcom
Over lashes source:

For this summer, lashes are a special concern. Wear mascara that can extend the eyelashes in tone. Use mascara several times so that your eyelashes look more curved. If you have water-related activities make sure you use the waterproof mascara

Glossy Lips

Satin lips source lifestylebyannaelizabethcom
Satin lips source:

Maybe matte lips have become a trend for a few moments ago, but this summer the glossy lip has become a trend again. Glossy lip is perfect for summers like this. Makes you look bright and fresh.

Glossy lips source makeup.blogpostshubcom
Glossy lips source:

Pastel Lids

Pastel lid source shopparadoxcom
Pastel lid source:

Pastel lid is also a trend nowadays, you also use neon colors for your eyeshadow instead of eyeshadow with glitter.

Neon eye makeup source twittercom
Neon eye makeup source:

Feathered Brows

Feathered brow source stylecastercom
Feathered brow source:

The feathered brow is also a trend for makeup this summer, wear a fiber that has more fiber to give more volume to your eyebrows so that your eyebrows will look more fluffy.