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Summer Nail Art Pictures Inspirations

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Summer is synonymous with many interesting activities for many people. Starting from surfing, visiting tourist attractions, or swimming at the beaches around. Various activities for some people must be passed perfectly, including decorating nails with a variety of beautiful colors.


The trend of nail polish is surging on the internet and this time the nail polish design was inspired by summer images. This season-inspired art shows the nuances of the beach and refreshing fruit in summer. Right now it’s summer if you want to go on vacation to the beach, using trendy nail polish will look cool.

Orange And Plam Tree

Orange palm tree source s3dot amazonawscom
Orange palm tree source:

Palm trees are very identical to the beach and summer. You can add a picture of a palm tree to your nails. You can choose the basic color of nail polish according to your wishes. Like the orange color in the picture above. Very describing summer.
In addition to the bright orange color, you can certainly choose ombre nails as the basis of your palm tree image. choose a combination of blue, pink, and yellow to get the impression of a summer sea sky.

Ombre Nails Art with Palm Tree Picture

Pink palm tree source naildesignsjournalcom
Pink palm tree source:
White and black palm tree source hikendipcom
White and black palm tree source:

If bright colors are too striking for you, you can choose black and white paint. Image of a palm tree on white nail polish, picture with black nail polish. Will form a perfect shadow and give the impression of more “dark” on your look.

Pink And Green Cactus

Green and pink kaktus source stayglamcom
Pink And Green Cactus source:

You want simpler nails. You can apply pink and green nail polish, then you can draw a cactus tree. Simple but looks cute. Or you can replace pink with white. On white nail polish, you can draw a leaf. Looks refreshing for summer. Like in the picture below

Green leaf

Green leaf source fashiongangdotinfo
Green leaf source:


You like the picture of fruit, of course you can apply it to your nails. Choose bright colors like yellow, or green and pink colors that match the color of the watermelon.

Pink and green watermelon source stephan dot retutorial dot com
Pink and green watermelon source:
Yellow fruit source ohmymagcom
Yellow fruit source:

Flowers And Butterflies

You also describe flowers and butterflies if you like them. Both will give a more feminine impression on your appearance.

Red flowe source storage dot googleapis dot com
Red flowe source storage dot googleapis dot com
Purple buterfly source lilyartnet
Purple butterfly source: