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Summer Ombre Nail Art Trend 2020

Summer ombre nail art trend 2020

To accompany your summer, Ombre Nails Art is one of the right choices to decorate your nails. It is not difficult to make ombre nail art. You only need a few tools and of course nail polish with your favorite color.


For summer this time the colors pink and green become one of the trend colors to be used as nail polish colors. Of course, you can ombre the color with the color you like, but to better feel the vibes of summer yellow or orange is one of the right choices.

To do ombre you must first apply a base coat to make it easier to apply the next color. After the base coat you can immediately apply the color you want. To make it easier to make ombre, you can apply nail polish to the makeup sponge. Make the ombre color you want in the sponge makeup first then you can stamp it on your nails. Make sure the color is stuck perfectly on your nails. Don’t forget to clean the rest of the stamp if it sticks to the skin around the nails, and finally apply the top coat to make it look neater and the nail polish lasts longer.

Triangular makeup sponges source emitecosmeticscom
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Pink And Orange

Pink and orange source s3 dot amazonawscom
Pink and orange source:

Pink and orange are the right choices for this year’s summer. Pink that gives the impression of feminine and orange which is identical to sunset will give a beautiful blend on your nails.

Pink and Yellow

Pink and yellow source wlf strip blogcom
Pink and yellow source:

Pink can also be combined with yellow. Choose a light yellow color so you can compensate for the bright yellow color. You can create in applying colors, like the color of the yellow ombre increasingly dominating from the thumb to the little finger. Then do the opposite, pink is more dominant on the other hand.

Green Pink And Orange

Green pink and orange source:

Mixing three colors of nail polish for ombre is not excessive, depending on how you combine the nail polish and how you put nail polish on your fingers. Like the colors green pink and green, it is very suitable to be used as nail polish simultaneously. You can see the color laying in the image above.

Light Green And Nude

Green and orange source suna dot sorusozlukcom
Light green and nude source:

If you like nude colors, you can still use it for this summer. Choose bright colors like light green to give more summer vibe to your nail polish.

Pink and green

Pink and green source voguesimplecom
Pink and green source:

Pink and light blue will give the impression like the sea and summer sky. It is suitable to be used as nail polish in the summer. You can also add white and make pink and blue the center of your finger like in the image below.

White And Pink-purple

White and pink purple source thetrendspotternet
White and pink-purple source:

Purple And Yellow

Purple and yellow source parisnail dot ru
Purple and yellow source: