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Tips and Ideas Wedding Makeup 2017

Tips and ideas wedding makeup 2017

How to get the make-up that is perfect on your wedding? It is very important to you to make use of the greatest as well as the right merchandise to get the perfect make-up on your wedding, a long-lasting material.



Here are useful product recommendations and ideas to get a long-lasting make-up is ideal to get a marriage. After moisturizing, use a primer to make sure your face is ready for use make up, this is the first step to getting the perfect beauty and long lasting makeup. Primer is usually based on silicon is an ideal ingredient hold it and to assist bind the make-up to the skin surface. And ensure all your make-up merchandise are waterproof. Even if you swear you’re not going to cry, You’ll likely tear up a bit, so waterproofing all, especially your eye region, is essential even in the event that you swear you’re not going to weep.

Basic makeup you need are a foundation primer, sheer foundation formula, translucent powder, eyes shadow, liner, waterproof mascara, blush, lipstick, and concealer.


Eyes become one of the first in the view. For wedding makeup, natural look is the best. Unless the theme is rainbow unicorn princess, you’ll want to stick to a neutral color scheme with hints of rose, peach, and bronze. You should look like yourself on your wedding day. ‘Red carpet’ you, but you all the same. Stay with cream colors on your eyelids, and use either a taupe, soft rose, or light bronze color in the crease. Tan or dark skin tones are flattered by bronze, coral, or berry blushes, while fair skin should go for a soft pink, peach, or rose. Lip color should follow suit with sheer berry, pink, or apricot.

Make sure that you blend all of your make up careful. Blending out all the harsh lines perfectly. You may have the perfect pink blush color, but if you have place it in a hard streak on the side of your face, the camera will exaggerate that. Use soft, plush brushes, sponges, and puffs to blend the color.


Begin making the game plan about three months before your wedding. You have to have time to get your skin in its best condition, purchase and become familiar with the products you’ll use, and have a few practice runs to see how long that makeup will last as you go throughout a long day. Practice your makeup look every single day and Make sure that you ready for the day.

Here some wedding make-up that you could try to..!