In the moment of summer wedding, flowers become one of the decoration parts that should not be missed. Because, the presence of sweet flowers will be needed to beautify your wedding day. Starting from decorating walls, aisle, guest table, even as a perfect complement to the bride.

Hand bouquet is one of the important items that must be owned by a woman in her wedding. Not only things that complement the wedding and beautify the bride, the flowers used for the hand bouquet have their respective meanings which describe the bride’s hopes for their future marriage.

Now, there are many types of flowers that you can use to arrange your most beautiful wedding bouquet. And not only flowers, you can also combine them with leaves and butterflies.
Here are some flower bouquet ideas that you can choose to hold on your summer wedding day.

  • One flower bouquet that many people like, baby breath
  • Flowers with pastel colors, according to your summer wedding decoration theme
  • Sunflowers that best describe summer weddings
  • Striking flower colors, such as red roses can also be used to describe summer wedding romance
  • A combination of brightly colored flowers, succulent flowers, and leaves to depict a tropical atmosphere in a summer wedding
  • The dominance of the plate glass flower color to show simplicity

So are you ready to walk to the altar with flowers that you really want?