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Summer Nails Trend 2020 You Can Do At Home

To love beauty is to see light

Summer is here, it’s time to replace the nail polish with the feel of the summer of 2020. Summer is synonymous with a cheerful atmosphere, for that bright colors are suitable for your nail color. If you don’t really like colors that are too bright you can use softer colors.
During a pandemic like this may still be a concern for you to go to the salon. Especially for caring for your nails which of course requires the touch of another person’s hand.


But take it easy you can still decorate your nails at home with some color recommendations and of course with techniques that are easy to do at home. The most important thing is choosing the color that suits you. Make sure you use a base coat before applying nail polish. The use of a base coat will make it easier for you to apply nail polish. And make sure you also use a top coat after nail polish. Top coat will help your nail polish last longer and make a neater look. Here are some nail polish recommendations that you can use at home:

Colorful Nails

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Summer is synonymous with bright colors, you can combine several matching colors for your nail polish. Like the colors orange, yellow, coral, nude, and purple. If you don’t really like colors that are too bright you can choose pastel colors for your nail polish.

Pink Gradation

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For those of you lovers of pink, you can use pink gradations for nail polish. Choose the brightest color to the youngest. Adjust to your taste where you put bright colors. But make sure you apply the gradation correctly to get a beautiful color gradation on your nails.

Coral Nails Color

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Coral color is still the choice for summer nail polish. You can add several images that suit the summer atmosphere such as a picture of a coconut tree. For those of you who have coral warm tone skin will be very suitable for you.

Pink Pastel

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Pastel colors are likely to dominate the color of nail polish for this summer. It’s not wrong if you choose soft, pastel pink. This color will make you look more feminine.

Mint Green

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For those of you who don’t really like the color pink and its gradation, you can try mint green. Mint green will give a fresh impression on your look. Of course, you can choose pastel colors or lighter colors.

Soft Purple

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Like pink and mint green, a pastel purple is also an option for this summer. For those of you who like purple, you can choose purple for this summer. You can also add several accents to enhance the appearance of your nails.

Soft Pastel Color

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For those of you who like pastel colors, you can put all the colors on your finger. Pastel colors have a soft impression so you don’t have to worry about mixing all the colors because it won’t look too flashy. The right color combination will give a cheerful impression on your hands and can certainly arouse your mood.

Pink And Glitter

Pink and gliter source nails vivyblogspotcom
Pink and glitter source: nails.vivy.blogspotcom

You can of course still use glitter to decorate nail tones. Using a glitter will give the impression of luxury on your nails. And of course, it will give its own impression. You can choose pink and combine it with nude or brown.

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