Fall and winter will not dampen the enthusiasm for the wedding party. The sentimental fall winter will actually add to the romance in the wedding. Of course, every season has its own characteristics in marriage.

Summer or spring is usually filled with bright and fresh colored flowers. Beach or backyard weddings are the main choices. During fall winter, what is usually highlighted is the romance of warmth. The choice of decoration with lights gives a warm impression. Or a typical Christmas decoration can be chosen during winter.

For the dress of course will be different. During fall winter, the bride usually wears a dress with long sleeves. Although you can still give a backless touch to your long sleeve dress. In addition, you can wear typical winter feathers to add health to the dress. In addition, the sparkling on the dress becomes a lot of options for holding a party at night. Sparkling on the dress will give a glamorous impression on your wedding party.

Here are some wedding dresses for fall winter that you can see.