Wedding dresses are one of the main things in a wedding event. Usually the bride takes a long time in determining the choice for a wedding dress. The many types of wedding dresses make the bride has its own difficulties. What needs to be considered in choosing a dress is the shape of the dress that suits to your body shape. Next you can give various additional variations on the dress.

So that the wedding dress does not look plain, usually the dress is given a few touches such as lace or beads. Lace is not always for a wedding dress with a vintage theme. It depends on how you apply the lace to your dress. Lace can be applied to the sleeves of your dress. Of course for sleeves with lace, usually dresses that have long sleeves.
For dresses with mermaid models, you can apply lace to your entire dress. There are also some dresses that only wear lace on the top of the dress. This is usually used for dresses with gown or A-line models.

Here are some examples of lace wedding dresses that you might like.