Summer Bridesmaid Dresses Inspirations

Summer Bridesmaid Dresses Inspirations

Marriage is a special moment for everyone. To celebrate, the bride and groom usually invite their relatives and close relatives. Friends and people in the ‘inner circle’ are special guests.
Usually, the bride and groom will place the closest person as the bridesmaid. A bridesmaid is a group of women who become bridesmaids at the wedding. The bridesmaid’s task is simple, just accompany the bride or occasionally help the wedding.
Now there are many bridesmaid dress models that you can choose, ranging from traditional styles to modern contemporary dresses. The fabric used is also diverse, such as lace, satin, to velvet. Here is some bridesmaid dress inspiration for your summer wedding.


V-neck Green Pastel Bridesmaid Dresses

V Neck Green Pastel Bridesmaid Dress
V Neck Green Pastel Bridesmaid Dress Source:

The pastel green color is perfect for your summer wedding. The green color will give a fresh impression when the bridesmaid is around you, you will look “fresh”. Choose a bouquet of flowers with white color to further highlight the color of your bridesmaid’s dress.

Pink Pastel And Pink Gradations Bridesmaid Dresses

Pink Pastel Bridesmaid Dress
Pink Pastel Bridesmaid Dress Source:

For the form of a dress, maybe it would be better if your bridesmaid decides what model is right for them. Because not everyone always matches the dress model. You can specify the color to be used. You can choose pastel pink as your bridesmaid’s dress color. A soft pink color will emphasize the feminine side. If you want some color for your bridesmaid. It’s totally okay. Choose the right color combination. The combination of dark pink and pink will give a special impression for your bridesmaid.

Pink Gradations Bridesmaid Dress
Pink Gradations Bridesmaid Dress Source:

Lilac And Purple Gradations Bridesmaid Dresses

Lilac Bridesmaid Dresses
Lilac Bridesmaid Dresses Source:

One-color that is a trend this summer is the color of lilac. This young purple color will be very suitable for use in summer.
You can also choose the color gradation from purple. This will be very beautiful to wear by the bridesmaid when you surround you. Although it has a different color, still in one color tone.

Purple Gradations Bridesmaid Dresses
Purple Gradations Bridesmaid Dresses Source:
Purple Bridesmaid Dresses
Purple Bridesmaid Dresses Source:

Mint Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Mint Green Bridesmaid Dresses
Mint Green Bridesmaid Dresses Source:

Like the color green, the mint color will also give a fresh impression on your bridesmaid.

Light Color Bridesmaid Dresses

Orange Gradations Bridesmaid Dresses
Orange Gradations Bridesmaid Dresses Source:

If you want bright colors for your wedding. You can choose the gradation of orange. This color will give the impression of a bright and cheerful bride. Pair with a matching colored bouquet.
You can also choose a bright pink. It won’t look too much to make it the color of your bridesmaid dress. Especially during summer like this, bright colors will be very suitable separately.

Light Color Bridesmaid Dresses
Light Color Bridesmaid Dresses Source: